21' x 5' x 5 Bar 

21' x 5' high x 6 Bar 


Freestanding Corral Panels

Our freestanding corral panels come in 21 foot and 24 foot lengths, there an awesome midway panel that’s built just heavy enough to do everything that it needs to do but it’s just light enough that you can shift it around a little bit by hand when you need to. There built out of one and three-quarter inch diameter new tubing by 14 gauge, have a 4 foot drill stem cross leg on the ground and then they have a chains on one side as well, people really like them with that being able to move them around by hand when they need to. There ideal for sorting pens and arenas and in just lots of different situations, or we can even make them into alleys as well. There also an affordable panel, we build a 21 foot five bar panel, and 21 foot six bar panel, and 24 foot 5 bar panel, and a 24 foot 6 bar panel, we also do heavy Drill Stem panels that are 30 feet long and they’re built with five bars of solid Drill Stem. We can get up to 70 of the 21 foot panels onto a semi and were able to ship pretty much anywhere in Canada we have shipped right from BC out to Ontario and we’re often able to get pretty good shipping rates.


Affordable Livestock Equipment

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